Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strangers... Family

K... La probleme avec ecrire une blog c'est qu'on a besoin d'un ordinateur. There is a tonne of wifi along the route, but, unlike everywhere else I've traveled, internet cafes are few and far between in Canada and the US. Oh well, le temps que je ne pouvais pas passer ecrir j'ai user pour relaxer and the money I could have used to buy myself a laptop or a blackberry gizmo went towards van repairs. Priorities.

J'ai beaucoup vu pendant ma voyage, pour la plupart c'est positif. Il y avait des gens souriants en chaque province (ok, maybe a bit less in Ontario, but the rest made up for it) et etat que j'ai traverser. But, how is it that family can be so harsh with each other, so incapable of understanding? If perfect strangers can find a smile for each other, figure out how to show genuine interest in each other's perspectives, why are family members barely able to tolerate each other? I know, I know, we don't get to chose our family, but come on people!!! It really isn't that hard!

The van is getting a lot of attention. Some highlights have been: 4 beefy farm boys hanging out the windows of their pick-up-on-steroids hauling a trailer with enough horses to keep a race track busy for a week and yelling, 'Whoo Hoo!!! Yeah, Woodstock!!!' in New Jersey; the kid at the gas station who asked me where the weed was; the 2 beach boys stopped next to me at a light in South Carolina, 'Hey! Isn't that the Scooby Doo van?' And of course let's not forget all the older guys who walked me through their glory days when they had a bus or van of their own.

Had I know 10 years ago that owning a Westy would get a girl more attention than a large chest and tiny waist I would have bought a van much earlier and eaten as many cookies and pie as I wanted. ;)

I'm sitting less than 100m from the ocean and the waves are calling to me. I am weak, no will power at all, must obey their summons. Qui sait quand j'aurai l'occasion d'ecrir encore? Pas moi. =)


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  1. Sweet Beautiful Dancing Vieve, the water has always called me but I don't listen any more and you could drive anything and you would always have my attention.:o) Dave P