Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's been a while, hasn't it? Oops. =)

Well, I've come a long way since my introductory turns around the parking lot. Which is fortunate, since I leave tomorrow. Can you imagine how this may have turned out if I had been unable to master the art of the stick shift? A VW van would make one very large paper weight. I'm actually quite proud of my ability to drive standard, but don't tell anyone else that. And for the rest of you ladies out there, changing tires is a breeze, don't let the guys in your life try to convince you otherwise.

I feel like I've been getting ready for this trip for months and here I am, midnight the eve of departure, and I'm just getting to packing. Well, technically I'm typing this blog entry at the moment, but I'm surrounded by piles of stuff that I think is necessary for my hiatus from reality. My darling kitty, though lounging among the piles of necessities, will not be coming with me. I think it's for the best. She will be pampered as a princess of her stature should be by lovely Miss H. Thanks H!

I have company for the Vancouver to Montreal leg of the drive. Monsieur R has the privilege of putting eastward for over 5000 kms of adventure with me. I needed to find a replacement copilot since kitty has opted to stay home. R's not quite as fuzzy, purrs a little funnily, but he does make me smile. I'm sure he'll do.

Here's a photo of the van just after the new floor was installed:

Oh, wait a sec...

There's the floor!

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  1. Oops... there is a couple of cracks in the floor, oh wait Next picture hehehe your funny...
    Me smiles:o)