Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strangers... Family

K... La probleme avec ecrire une blog c'est qu'on a besoin d'un ordinateur. There is a tonne of wifi along the route, but, unlike everywhere else I've traveled, internet cafes are few and far between in Canada and the US. Oh well, le temps que je ne pouvais pas passer ecrir j'ai user pour relaxer and the money I could have used to buy myself a laptop or a blackberry gizmo went towards van repairs. Priorities.

J'ai beaucoup vu pendant ma voyage, pour la plupart c'est positif. Il y avait des gens souriants en chaque province (ok, maybe a bit less in Ontario, but the rest made up for it) et etat que j'ai traverser. But, how is it that family can be so harsh with each other, so incapable of understanding? If perfect strangers can find a smile for each other, figure out how to show genuine interest in each other's perspectives, why are family members barely able to tolerate each other? I know, I know, we don't get to chose our family, but come on people!!! It really isn't that hard!

The van is getting a lot of attention. Some highlights have been: 4 beefy farm boys hanging out the windows of their pick-up-on-steroids hauling a trailer with enough horses to keep a race track busy for a week and yelling, 'Whoo Hoo!!! Yeah, Woodstock!!!' in New Jersey; the kid at the gas station who asked me where the weed was; the 2 beach boys stopped next to me at a light in South Carolina, 'Hey! Isn't that the Scooby Doo van?' And of course let's not forget all the older guys who walked me through their glory days when they had a bus or van of their own.

Had I know 10 years ago that owning a Westy would get a girl more attention than a large chest and tiny waist I would have bought a van much earlier and eaten as many cookies and pie as I wanted. ;)

I'm sitting less than 100m from the ocean and the waves are calling to me. I am weak, no will power at all, must obey their summons. Qui sait quand j'aurai l'occasion d'ecrir encore? Pas moi. =)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Remember what I said about not listening to people tell you that changing tires is difficult? Well, turns out you shouldn't listen to them when they say to tighten the bolts only as far as your body weight will take them either (especially if you weigh less than 130lbs).

Ever wonder what it feels like to have a tire come loose while driving at 80-90 kms/hr? It's kinda wobbly, there's a lot of swerving, and a few "Oh shit!"s are generally uttered while you try to pull to the side of the highway in one piece. Here's some sage advice based on my new found hands on experience: when changing your own tires, if you don't have one of those fancy air gun doohickies they use at a shop, find the heaviest, strongest, meanest mother fucker you know to reef on those suckers until the sweat starts to bead on his forehead. Then give him a big kiss and tell him about how strong and sexy he is.

I don't care if I have to throw my back out trying to undo the bolts should I have a flat tire. A sore back is better than a broken back from a high speed accident due to a tire deciding it wants to go on a different road trip than the rest of the van.

Aside from that, I have found my new favourite stretch of highway in BC. The 5A from Princeton to Aspen Grove is divine, especially in the late afternoon with the sun low in the sky painting everything with gold.

Now, off to mow a friend's lawn and drink mojitos! Don't know which I'm looking forward to most, getting to do lawn art while driving circles using one of those little tractor mowers or sipping on fresh minty nectar while watching the local wildlife. Should probably do the lawn first...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's been a while, hasn't it? Oops. =)

Well, I've come a long way since my introductory turns around the parking lot. Which is fortunate, since I leave tomorrow. Can you imagine how this may have turned out if I had been unable to master the art of the stick shift? A VW van would make one very large paper weight. I'm actually quite proud of my ability to drive standard, but don't tell anyone else that. And for the rest of you ladies out there, changing tires is a breeze, don't let the guys in your life try to convince you otherwise.

I feel like I've been getting ready for this trip for months and here I am, midnight the eve of departure, and I'm just getting to packing. Well, technically I'm typing this blog entry at the moment, but I'm surrounded by piles of stuff that I think is necessary for my hiatus from reality. My darling kitty, though lounging among the piles of necessities, will not be coming with me. I think it's for the best. She will be pampered as a princess of her stature should be by lovely Miss H. Thanks H!

I have company for the Vancouver to Montreal leg of the drive. Monsieur R has the privilege of putting eastward for over 5000 kms of adventure with me. I needed to find a replacement copilot since kitty has opted to stay home. R's not quite as fuzzy, purrs a little funnily, but he does make me smile. I'm sure he'll do.

Here's a photo of the van just after the new floor was installed:

Oh, wait a sec...

There's the floor!