Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the interim

There will be pictures, I promise. There will also be catch up posts for highlights of the trip. I wish I could have posted more often, oh well, c'est la!

A bunch of folks have had mixed reactions to the use of both English and French in this blog. All the frustration has been voiced by the anglophones, so this entire post and explanation is in English in honour of you. I contemplated writing this in French, but I'm not that mean. ;)

It has been pointed out to me on many occasions that I am not "truly" French Canadian, and I am not "truly" English. Supposedly I am not "really" from British Columbia and didn't live long enough in New Brunswick (the province of my birth) to be from there either. I lived for 4 years in the States and, tho it influenced my view of the world, I am definitely not from there.

For a while I found it incredibly frustrating, this insistence of one group that I am not a part of their "crowd" while hearing the same thing in a different language from the other group. I've decided to hell with it all. I am both, and if you have a problem with it you can go shit bricks up a tree in a snow storm for all that I care.

So, in an attempt to regain my French (which I have allowed to sit in the back seat for far too long), and to prove a point, I am writing this blog in both languages.

That being said, I am not deaf to the plight of those who struggle with understanding what I have written in French. I am flattered that you care at all. I am no grand orator and what I write can hardly be considered more than one woman's conceit, but I guess that is the nature of most blogs.

My suggestion to those who don't speak French is to find an online translator such as this one: www.translation.langenberg.com If the answer you get doesn't seem right post a comment and ask me for a translation. Hey, worst thing that happens is you learn a bit of French, and for you Canadians that would be a good thing. We are "supposed" to be a bilingual country after all.

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  1. While I understand why you are writing as much in French as in English, I admit that I am sadly monolingual. However, you aren't writing this for me. I figure that if I need to decipher something that bad... well, that's on me, now, isn't it? So don't feel bad for my sake, and thank you for keeping us up to date on everything - in any language. :)