Monday, April 16, 2012

There's a chill in the air!

It's starting to get cooler in Wellington, which doesn't say much since the summer highs barely pushed past the mid 20s, and I'm in mourning for my tomatoes. It's unlikely that the green globes hanging from the wind stooped plants will ever ripen. I knew this was going to happen, but I needed to see for myself if there was even a smidgen of hope that I could grow tomatoes out of doors around here. Next year there will be a greenhouse. In the meantime I'm hunting for green tomato recipes.

On the up side, the move towards winter has rekindled my itch to knit. The season of spending hours in the local yarn shop contemplating the use of one skein over another, feasting my eyes on all the colours and digging my hands into the soft fibers, knitting on buses and daydreaming about the next project has started. There's one little glitch. As it turns out, you can garden all year round in Wellington and I haven't found a way to clone myself yet. This could get interesting.

I've decided to start recording the recipes for my creations. You'll find a new page called Perly Girl where I plan to leave pix and directions of my latest and greatest. I fondly refer to my knitting style as organic, most of my projects coming from images in my head. So, my experience reading patterns and use of the proper jargon is minimal and on the sloppy side of unprofessional. Best of luck to the brave souls who give my patterns a go.

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